‘Tis the Season!

Ah, the season of giving is upon us! It can be quite stressful managing all the to-do lists and making sure everyone gets “that perfect gift”, but make sure you take some time for yourself and remember what the season is all about to you! Another you can do is focus on your strengths and…

SCD Blueberry Muffin

Notes: *Recipe modified from Lemon Blueberry Muffins (www.everylastbite.com).

Mini Quiches

Notes: *I often add different veggies and cheeses every time I make it to change it up (and get different veggies in my little one). Makes bout 6 mini quiches (depending on muffin pan used).    

Salmon Cakes

Notes: *Recipe modified from the Baby&Toddler Cookbook by Karen Ansel MS, RD and Charity Ferreira

Strawberry Bars

Notes: I found it easier to roll out 2 sheets of dough, spread the strawberries on one sheet, place the other sheet on top and then cut into squares. You may also want to keep the bars in a zip top bag to keep them soft. *Recipe modified from Super Healthy Kids Strawberry cereal bars.

Air Fried Bananas

Tonight’s delicious treat was unexpected. I saw we had some bananas that were going bad and I thought I’d try something new! Our new air fryer has put us on a quest to see how many fruits and vegetables work well in the fryer. The dessert tonight I whipped up not only was delicious, but…

Going Strong Without Added Sugar!

Moving into my third week of the no-added sugar challenge and there is absolutely NO dessert cravings. Fruit is perfectly fine for me. I have been very strict with my challenge and have been eliminating natural sugar (outside of fruit) and artificial sweeteners but just cutting out refined sugars is a great step forward!! Here…

Ahh Sugar…

You may have heard about the new book by Eve Schaub called, “Year of No Sugar”. I have not had the opportunity to review this book yet, but have read several reviews about the content. This article is not intended to review this book, but to spark a challenge about how much “added” sugar is…


Turmeric goes by many names but it is commonly called Curcuma longa (domesticated) or Cucuma aromatic (in the wild). It is a relative of ginger, and is a perennial that grows in the tropical regions of Southern Asia. Its roots are bulbs that produce rhizomes (underground plant stems). Although it grows in many tropical locations,…

Food Label

By now you may have heard about the proposed new food label proposed by the FDA but are you aware how this may impact you? The FDA, in an attempt to align with the current scientific literature and nutritional recommendations, is updating the food labels. The following is the proposed label and the significant changes…..